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Groot Overhorst and surroundings

Groot Overhorst is located on the edge of the Veluwe in Voorthuizen. Voorthuizen has been popular with tourists, both locals and from across the borders, for a long time. There's a reason tourists come here! The pristine natural forest, roads, lakes and moorland combined with the hospitality of the residents of Voorthuizen and the endless possibilities for a day out make this area unique. Not only Voorhuizen is unique, but also the location of our monumental sheepfold with its apartments.

Pictures of the surroundings in the Veluwe, Voorthuizen
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The location gets people raved

A day out to the museum or just wandering at a local market? On the bicycle -with or without lunch- cycling through the woods or maybe walking on the beloved path called the 'Klompenpad'? Dining in the evening in one of the restaurants nearby and closing the day on the terrace around the sheepfold enjoying the sunset? Anything is possible! Let us know your wishes. Wim and Adrie Veldhuizen ensure a memorable stay!


Sauna Drome Putten:
Sauna Drome

Information about the Veluwe:
The veluwe

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